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Prof. Dr. Thomas Kolb



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Program Manager
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Professor Henning Bockhorn receives another prestigious Award

Professor Henning Bockhorn receives another prestigious Award (more...)

Helmholtz-Program: Energy Efficiency, Materials and Resources (EMR)

– for restructuring energy supplies

Global bottlenecks are predictable - in the reliable supply of energy and the safe disposal and treatment of wastes, residues, and emissions. Helmholtz energy researchers are looking for solutions to meet the needs of present and future generations. The Helmholtz scientists involved in the field of energy research are working to develop solutions to secure an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable supply of energy. They are examining all the relevant energy chains, including technological and socioeconomic conditions and impacts on the climate and environment. One important goal is to replace fossil and nuclear fuels with sustainable climate-neutral energy sources. Scientists are also seeking to determine the potential of renewables such as solar, biomass and geothermal energy. They are working to increase the efficiency of conventional power plants and energy use as a whole.


Steel decay -
primary jet decay of highly viscous fluids -
Accompanying reserach on high-pressure entrained-flow gasification

Modelling and 3D printing of complex geometries as templates for investment casting

Power train of the Helium loop HEMAT
to investigate the corrison behaviour of
steel for high-temperature applications

Coal dust flame in BRENDA

BRENDA - Power plant pilot-scale combustionchamber for pulverized,
gaseous and liquid fuels

Realisation of large temperature gradients in a micro reactor:
Visualisation by thermal imaging

PDA at PAT - Laser assisted droplet size anaysis in pressure-charged
systems for high-pressure entrained-flow gasification

Directional solidification device manufacturing of eutectic high temperature alloys

Materials synthesis laboratory at IAM-WK (high temperature structural materials)

The Helmholtz-program "Energy Efficiency, Materials and Resources” combines the need for greater efficiency in energy production and consumption of resources with the development of new materials, bringing together challenges from the fields of energy, materials, and resources across five programme topics.

A significant increase of efficiency in the provision and consumption of energy, resources, and materials, in combination with an unprecedented rise in the share of renewable energy, is of paramount importance to the successful transformation of energy supply in Germany. The reduction of primary energy consumption by 50 % and of greenhouse gas emissions by 80 % by the year 2050 can only be accomplished by a higher crosslinking and optimisation of process chains, with the topics of resources, material developments, process engineering, and energy transformation processes being considered a holistic system. At the same time, the transformation of energy supply requires the development of extraordinary flexibility regarding fuels, power plant load, and the related infrastructure. This is due to the necessity of a demand-driven, competitive, and environmentally friendly energy provision for society and industry, which complements that from renewable sources.



Programm commission at the 25th October 2018

Registration here: http://www.emr.kit.edu/328.php


Special Issue: Materials Research at KIT


Crowd Oil
„Crowd Oil“: Kraftstoffe aus der Klimaanlage

Forscher wollen Klima- und Lüftungsanlagen zur dezentralen Produktion von CO2-neutralen Energieträgern nutzen – Veröffentlichung in Nature Communications. Mehr

Presseinformation 058/2019